NJ Congressmen,NRA Grades and Info

NRA Grades, NJ Congressmen and other info

These are the latest grades from the NRA for our NJ Congressmen . Any congressman awarded an A rating from the NRA signifies a consistent pattern of voting against sensible gun control legislation.


District Representative Grade
 1  Robert Andrews F
 2 Frank LoBiondo  A- 
 3  Jon Runyan  A
Chris Smith  D+ 
Scott Garrett 
Frank Pallone 
Leonard Lance  A- 
 8 Albio Sires 
Bill Pascrell 
10  Donald Payne Jr  NA 
11  Rodney Frelinghuysen 
12  Rush Holt 

 Senator Robert Menendez received an F rating from the NRA. Senator Cory Booker has not been rated yet but we expect him to receive an F rating .


Quinipiac poll of NJ residents taken January 25, 2013

70% favor federal ban on high capacity magazine clips

69% favor federal ban on assualt weapons

96% favor requiring background checks for gun purchases at gun shows

78% favor a federal database to track all gun sales



According to Project Vote Smart , Lance has publicly made the following statements regarding a federal ban on semi-automatic weapons . October 18, 2010 in a debate at the League of Women Voters , he said

" The semi-automatic weapons ban should be decided state by state. I do not believe this is at the heart of a Congressional matter. "

However, when someone from New Jersey can buy military assault weapons and high capacity magazine clips in states from private dealers  with absolutely no background checks , then this is a federal issue. We believe that our New Jersey elected offcials have a duty to insure our the safety of New Jersey residents  by passing common sense gun legislation.

According to Leonard  Lance's campaign website during the last election , Congressman Lance boasts of a" 100% NRA voting record in Congress" and

1. Opposes renewing the federal assault weapons ban

2. Voted to fully repeal the National Parks gun ban


3. Voted for H.R.822, the " National Right to Carry Reciprocity Act"




John   Runyon

President of NJ2AS-- a pro gun lobby said of Runyon on their website:        

[GREAT NEWS! Last Sunday Bob and I had a very productive meeting with Jon [Runyon who is running for US Congress in NJ's District 3. We left that meeting with [the knowledge that Jon would be a staunch ally in gaining support for our Second [Amendment Rights. This week the NRA gave Jon an "AQ" rating. Basically the "Q" [simply means that since Jon has not yet held office, they are basing their rating on [his stand rather than on a voting record. It is a VERY strong rating! [CONGRATULATIONS Jon!Frank Jack Fiamingo President   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.nj2as.com



H.R. 822 Bill

  This bill that passed in the House of Representatives down party lines in   

November of 2011 permits out of state gun owners to  carry a concealed

weapon in New Jersey even though New Jersey prohibits the carry of concealed

weapons. This law would supercede New Jersey laws and allow gun owners

from other states to bring those weapons into New Jersey.

    This bill did not pass in the Senate, but it was  re-introduced by Senator

Cronyn of Texas as an amendment to the Manchin-Toomey background checks

bill voted on  in April of 2013. The vote count was 57 Yea, 43 Nay -- just three

votes short of 60 vote majority required to pass this bill.



  New Jersey Representatives' votes on  HR 822 Bill-- National Right to Carry

Concealed Weapons Bill November 2011



Andrews, Rob

NJ 1st



LoBiondo, Frank

NJ 2nd



Runyan, Jon

NJ 3rd



Smith, Chris

NJ 4th



Garrett, Scott

NJ 5th



Pallone, Frank

NJ 6th



Lance, Leonard

NJ 7th



Pascrell, Bill

NJ 8th



Rothman, Steven

NJ 9th



Payne, Donald

NJ 10th



Frelinghuysen, Rodney

NJ 11th



Holt, Rush

NJ 12th



Sires, Albio

NJ 13th





Call  these  Congressman TODAY -Let them know how you feel about their vote on  HR822--