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Groups around the country  are actively working for the majority of Americans who seek common sense gun

 legislation to reduce gun violence.

Your support will help ensure a more rapid path towards these important objectives.

*New Jersey Residents For Action

 *Americans For Responsible Solutions

 *Mayors Against Illegal Guns                      

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America




  Support For Universal Background checks is virtually unanimous

        96%  NJ  -- 95% among gun owners ....



Congratulations to  Cory Booker for becoming New Jersey U.S. Senator .

  He is replacing the late Senator Lautenberg who worked tirelessly for

gun safety legislation.  


      With the work that Cory Booker as done as Mayor of Newark on this issue we are thrilled that he is our newest  U.S. Senator representing New Jersey.



Moms Demand Actions" gains ground with getting stores to prohibit the carrying of firearms

    Current Events Happening
December 14 , 4 -5  Pm  , Summit NJ
    New Jersey Residents for Action in conjunction with Summit Interfaith Council, and the Brady Campaign will hold a "Newtown Rememberance Vigil" to gather and honor those lost at Sandy Hook Elementary
             Saturday  December 14
               4-5 PM
              Central Presbyterian Church
                 corner of  Maple and Morris
   Featuring Children's Choir, Sherrif Ralph Froehlich, singer Karen Egert ( founder of New Jersey Residents For Action Against Gun Violence) performing an original song dedicated to the children and parents of those lost.